The In Touch Massage
Relax and breathe deep, as our highly trained therapists blend a myriad of techniques to
create a custom massage especially for you.
70 minutes – $100, 90 minutes – $125

Raindrop Therapy
Is a powerful treatment using layers of Young Living essential oils applied to the back and legs. Enhanced with moist heat to reduce muscle spasms and inflammation, this soothing and gentle massage helps release physical and emotional tension stored in the body.
60 minutes – $110

The Hot Stones
Stone massage combines the attention of our custom massage with smooth water heated basalt stones, creating a deeply penetrating warmth and incredibly relaxing experience. Body stress melts‚ the mind lets go.
90 minutes – $150

Reiki is a system of natural healing that invites one to align with their true nature and return to greater wholeness. Done with a light touch, full clothed, it is a unique and effective method of balancing the mind, body and spirit.
60 minutes – $90

Traditional Thai Foot Massage NEW!
This wonderful foot massage dates back more than two thousand years and is seen all over Thailand today. Thai Foot Massage is great for tired feet, improving circulation, lymph movement and flexibility in the feet and lower legs. If you have tried reflexology, you will also enjoy this fabulous treatment, but will be surprised at how different the techniques feel! Certainly, like reflexology, you will leave the session feeling relaxed, balanced and invigorated!
60 minutes – $95

Oriental Fusion NEW!
A 90 minute head to toe pampering package! Enjoy our amazing one hour Ancient Chinese Medifacial followed by a refreshing one half hour of Traditional Thai Foot Massage. Feel the stress melt away and a smile appear on your face.
90 minutes – $125

In Touch Organic Facials

Ancient Chinese Medifacial
This amazing facial features Si Jin Bao topical medicinal herbs and leaves your skin fresh, renewed, and infused with the finest herbaceuticals. The ingredients are uniquely concentrated and prepared in a delivery system that will result in your skin being completely nourished, refreshed and hydrated. Your skin will have a more youthful
appearance. You will see the corrective changes of a modern facial sourced from natural
herbal products.
60 minutes – $100

Osmosis Organic Medifacial
You will love the way your skin looks and feels after this customizable facial. Using medifacial powder actives and USDA Certified Organic Masks, we will create an unparalleled facial that will promote repair of the skin while restoring its radiance.
60 minutes – $100

Osmosis Facial Infusion Peel
We believe this is the most effective peel or procedure on the market. Instead of wounding the skin, Osmosis Facial Infusion, with its potent liposomal delivery, is great for every skin condition! It is extremely safe because it is free of alpha/beta hydroxy acids and is therefore tolerated by all skin types. You may see mild to moderate exfoliation for 2-3 days after the peel. The peel is gentle, but, results are significant!
90 minutes – $165